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Upgrades that are worth the investment!

Buyers often get overwhelmed with all the options and choices when building a new home. There are unlimited options for upgrading and essentially customizing your home. Ask yourself a few questions before deciding which upgrades are important to you. What rooms does your family spend the most time in? The kitchen, family room and garage are popular choices for areas to upgrade, but don't forget the master suite. What elements make our house feel more like a home?.. additional carpet padding for added comfort, or adding an island to the kitchen for the family to gather around. and finally, what upgrades are better done up front, vs. which ones that can be made later without added costs. For example adding a backsplash later on , will be relatively the same out of pocket costs. But changing out countertops or building out a pantry, could cost significantly more , after the initial build.

So with all these things considered, We have put together a list of upgrades that we recommend you do, during your initial build, to be the most cost effective .

Start in the Kitchen

Homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it is a central part of your home. It is worth investing in upgraded cabinetry , for functionality and longevity. Granite Countertops and upgraded appliances can make a tremendous difference when you consider things like resale value. But you don't need to wait to sell your home to see a return on that investment. Higher end appliances can be more energy efficient and can keep food fresher-longer. With the updates to smart home appliances , this is something that can dramatically enhance the value of your home . By investing in these items up front - you can often just pay the difference in the allowance.

Cabinets, too, are expensive to replace later. Even simply upgrading to the semi-custom variety will provide more finish options and better-quality materials. Consider dovetail joinery and divided drawers, as well as both deepening and lengthening cabinets to ceiling height for a sleek, custom look and extra storage.

Upgrading to granite countertops can range starting from around $2,500 depending on the size of the kitchen. Upgraded cabinets can start around $1,500 depending on the size of the kitchen.

Plumbing and Electrical

Not all upgrades have to be expensive. Simply adding extra outlets and ceiling fans to certain rooms can make life much more comfortable without costing a fortune. The reason so many people stress about upgrades is because they didn’t plan for them. Earmark a slice of your budget ahead of time and the process won’t feel nearly as overwhelming, so you can focus on where to get the most bang for your buck.

If you know ahead of time that you plan to put a tanning bed in the basement, or you know you need a mop sink in the garage, paying an electrician or plumber hourly rates on top of drywall repair, etc. later on.

Smart-Home Technology

Upgrades that enable your home to be smart-home equipped are more affordable than ever. As more and more smart home features are being made available to the average home, having these capabilities is essential. You can now upgrade your home's thermostat for as little as $250 that includes the bridge to Z-wave enabled features. This allows you to control many of your home's functions from your smartphone or tablet.

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